Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Night

Bacall & Bogey
It's Oscar Night.  They're all glammed up and I'm in sweats and my fluffy slippers.  I just read about a couple of actresses who said they almost fainted at the Golden Globes because their Spanx were so tight they couldn't breathe.  Better them than me.  Do you find yourself sucking in your tummy when you see Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez?  I noticed that I sit up taller when they come strolling out.  If I ever get to go I already have the perfect dress.

My Oscar Night Dress

Great huh?  Black isn't my best color, but they say it takes off 5lbs.  I'm subtracting another  2lbs. because of the floor length and long sleeves.

What you can't tell from the photo is that when you wear this dress you forget you're in a dressy dress and feel like you're in your old softest pj's.  It's fitted, but not so tight it cuts off your blood or air supply.

Also, it sparkles and shimmers when you walk.

I feel elegant, sexy, and taller in it. Plus at least 7lbs. lighter.

I wear it with some strappy heels that kill my feet.  I don't think I could walk two blocks in them without the risk of foot surgery becoming a real possibility.

Next year I'm going to invite my girlfriends for an Oscar Night Party.  We'll dress up in our Red Carpet best and be interviewed while standing in completely unnatural poses and speaking without breathing so our tummies don't pooch out.

Did you see all the nominated movies?  I never seem to see all of them.  This year I've seen 6 of the 9.
Here are my top 3:  The Help, Midnight in Paris, and Moneyball.

I wrote this while I watched the show and about choked when my hubby told me he'd been invited to the Oscars once (he's an LA homeboy) and he didn't go.  I asked if he got a raincheck.  No such luck.
At least now he knows that we can rent diamonds from Harry Winston.  I was a Girl Scout and we're required by motto to always be prepared.

So by now you know that the French carried the day and Meryl still reigns supreme and obviously has a good marriage.  Like there wasn't already enough to envy.  And if you've never seen Cirque du Soleil you better get that on your Bucket List.

I like my dress better than Meryl's.

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