Tuesday, March 19, 2013

iPhoto Clean-up, or 'Why'd I take this photo?'

Like I need a reminder that I am never going 
to have legs like this again.

OK, I never had legs like this.
What I can't figure out, while sorting through 3400+ photos in iPhoto, at 10:45 PM is why I took this photo.

We were on Catalina Island for the day and had just come out of the Ice Cream shop.
This young woman walked in to buy ice cream and had to get on her tip-toes to see all the selections.

Getting on her tip toes made her legs look even better.
But I still can't figure out why I took this.
I'm hoping my daughter, who still has a shot at legs like this, took the photo.
I think I'll email it to her for motivation.

Here are a few more brilliant examples.

Random New Yorkers

The City that never sleeps, and apparently doesn't even slow down.

Smoking Lounge Chairs

Pink Clouds and Green Spot

Awesome City shot, but of where?

So that's a peek at my iPhoto albums.

Just curious how often you look at your digital stuff?

At least I don't have to dig out a box from the Hall Closet full of crumpled & yellowed photos.
Now if I want to see bad shots I can sit on the sofa and flick the screen on my iPad:)

I'm headed off for two months to Africa and Italy to take thousands of photos in an attempt to fill up iCloud.

Say Cheese!